The vineyard

The company

VITERRA was founded in 2005 by the Juanes Peris familiy after realizing the potential and the impact that the white wines of Rueda were having and could have in the future.

VITERRA was born with a clear aim: becoming a modern winery at the forefront of the wine industry and produce high quality wine for our customers.

To achieve this, an excellent farm located in the municipality of Valdestillas (Valladolid) was chosen. Framed within the Rueda Denomination of Origin, since its acquisition, hard work and the best agricultural practices have been our focus. At  VITERRA we control the entire production process of our wine: from the care of the vines to the introduction of the wines on to the market. This has allowed us to ensure the excellence and quality of our wines.

VITERRA brings life to wines that are gaining reputation among experts and consumers due to their purity, quality and excellence. We are strongly committed to continue to improve this and to offer the highest of quality to our customers vintage after vintage.


Our winery is equipped with the very latest technology. Our winery is equipped with the very latest technology. Our white-wine plant can handle more than two million kilos of grapes. Fermentation takes place in stainless-steel tanks at a controlled temperature under 17ºC. This allows us obtain fresh, fruity and elegant white wines. Each variety of wine grape is processed separately to ensure that their maximum potential is obtained.

The end-result is a wine that conserves the fruity character of the young Verdejo grape, while providing complexity of aroma, consistency and a perfect balance between acidity and alcohol content.