The vineyard

Wine is a drink of delicate constitution and require an extreme care when it is produced. Is for that reason that we must recognize the importance of work and good management of the vineyard to achieve an optimal outcome. At VITERRA we count on with a 80 hectare vineyard in a single unit framed inside the limits of the D.O. Rueda, the largest one as in a unit.

From VITERRA, our aim is to produce our wines based on three fundamental aspects that, all together, form the essence of each of our wines: soil, climate and grape varieties.

Location, soil and climate
Our vineyard is located in the municipality of Valdestillas (Valladolid), at a height of 720 meter above the sea level. The vineyard sits on brown and stony soils, easy to vineyard and allowing ventilation. This characteristics allows good drainage and, in some way, guarantees the health of the farm.

This area is characterized by having flat but high land that bear very cold and long winters, short springs with ocassional spring frosts and hot, dry summers with little rainfall. The annual rainfall is in between 300 and 500 liters per year, this factor forces the vines to find their way to the water in the depth of the underground. However, the water resources of our vineyard are guaranteed as we count on with three groundwater wells ready to feed the vineyard.

Furthermore, one of our best-kept wine elaboration secrets is the difference between the day time and night time temperatures. This is the secret to achieve the perfect balance between the sweetness and the acidity of the grapes, thanks to the low temperatures over night.

Grape Varieties
With a total of 241,651 plants, our vineyard is mostly composed of the grape variety that brings fame to the D.O. Rueda: Verdejo. Its introduction may be traced to the eleventh century when the so-called Mozárabes inhabited the area. However, we also have two other grape varieties in our farm: Sauvignon Blanc and Viura, also known as Palomino.

Having our vineyard in a 80ha unit ensures the ‘uniformity’ of the quality of our wines as all of our grapes have been farmed in the same manner and under the same conditions.
Our vineyard is eqquiped with a underground fert-irrigation system. The advantages of this irrigation system over the traditional ‘drip’ system are many, including a better distribution of water, a reduced chance of fungal infections of our grapes, less evaporation and a more efficient tillage. This irrigation system, together with the available water resources, ensures the consistently high quality of our wine year after year.
The vineyard also features a 15x20m storage house where the irrigation system is controlled, and also acts as a storage unit for materials and farming equipment.